As a collaborative venue for creative exploration, LeuWebb Projects seeks to engage people with both the tangible and the ephemeral by activating the senses and inviting participation.

Working across multiple disciplines and media, they employ space, light, sound and texture to evoke possibilities and communicate ideas through visceral means. With an underlying interest in activating public space, their work incorporates responsive technologies and common or found materials to connect with participants.

Their interdisciplinary practice’s grounding in site specificity comes from their experience and training as architects with a focus on social issues and respect for historical context. Living and working in Toronto allows them to learn from the city’s varied multi-cultural narratives, incorporating these lessons into their creative process.

Christine Leu is an architect, photographer and teacher. She’s interested in unique communities that manage to thrive in the everyday. As such, she’s currently working on a photo-documentary project on the Highway of Heroes/401 corridor and new immigrant farming practices in urban environments.

Alan Webb is also an architect and sound designer with a broad range of interests that includes field recordings, repurposing outmoded technologies and volcanoes. He’s currently studying the style, iconography and narrative forms of Greek vase painting.