RMG Greenspace

We’re excited to share that we’re working with Brook McIlroy landscape architects on transforming the Robert McLaughlin Gallery’s (RMG) outdoor space, transforming it into a community arts greenspace by spring 2023.

Lauren Gould, CEO at the RMG, shares “Our goal is to create a significant outdoor space through creative placemaking and placekeeping that will lead to greater community well-being for all.  This greenspace will encourage people to come downtown and experience a recreational and cultural hub.  We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be working with LeuWebb Projects and Brook McIlroy to bring this project to life.”

Read more about it here!

July 29 2022

Waterfront ReConnect

Waking the Shore, our proposal for re-imagining under the Gardiner Expressway at York Street in Toronto is one of three shortlisted designs for the space. Developed in collaboration with DIALOG and Mulvey & Banani Lighting, our pilot installation creatively re-purposes tires in an expressive placemaking gesture to suggest new ways of conceiving public space in our cities for the 21st century. The competition survey is live until January 19th. Please hop on and provide your comments!

January 10 2022

Toronto Urban Design Award 2021

Our Thermally Speaking project continues to garner recognition, this time with a Toronto Urban Design Award of Merit in the Elements category, 2021. This particular award is near and dear to us, with its ties to our city and the kind of civic action we care deeply about.

Read the full Jury Report here!

Thanks again to CityLightsTO and Mulvey Banani Lighting for their collaborative realization with us of this special installation.

September 15 2021