A Veil of Skavgraes
Odense, Denmark

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Developed as part of Denmark’s Tilsynekomster International Sculpture Symposium, ‘A Veil of Skavgraes’ presents a case of plant as protector.

Deep within Hollufgård’s cool, dark and damp forest live low-lying grasses quietly standing at attention. This is one of the few locations in Denmark where skavgraes (equisetum hymale) can be found. Gritty to the touch, this prehistoric grass was traditionally used to sand woods and polish metals.

A Veil of Skavgraes’ is a site-specific installation to be mounted over a bridge between the Hollufgård forest and an unknown future development site. The developmental pressures in the area have resulted in the wholesale destruction of farming and woodland areas. However, resisting this force is the humble but powerful skavgraes, a protected national species.

Hanging elements evocative of skavgraes are suspended overhead, creating a frame for views in either direction – looking out towards the development site and looking in towards the forest. The segmented pieces are drawn from the tubular geometry of skavgraes. Segments of round bamboo pieces are interspersed with bright, polished metals.

Gently rustling in the wind, ‘A Veil of Skavgraes’ reframes the interstitial boundary of Hollufgård into a space of its own.

Skavgraes detail

Skavgraes from below

Beyond the veil


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