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Nuit Blanche

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LeuWebb Projects presented Film, Vinyl, Paper on Yonge Street, between Elm and Gould Streets, Zone B during Toronto’s Scotiabank
Nuit Blanche 2011”.

As Canada’s longest street and Toronto’s traditional commercial corridor, Yonge Street reflects the changing cultural and economic reality of the entire country. On Yonge Street, major international retailers and restaurants sit alongside greasy spoon diners, souvenir shops and adult entertainment venues. Nestled between all of these, traditional book, record, and photography stores either struggle to survive or have vanished altogether.

Film, records, and books, as physical means of storage, have occupied space along the street. These disappearing media will be transformed into amenities for use in the street’s future, reoccupying public space on Yonge between Elm and Gould Streets as playful new furniture and providing a much-needed place of respite during the long and busy night of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.


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