Flotsam/ Jetsam
In/Future Festival

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Taking the form of real and imagined remnants, debris, and detritus from Ontario Place, Flotsam/ Jetsam quietly intervenes on the ecology of the site. This subtle installation represents dream fragments from an earlier, more optimistic future. Reflecting on souvenirs, memorabilia, garbage, architectural fragments, and natural objects as vessels that represent and carry history, Flotsam/ Jetsam sketches a charged and fantastical life-cycle for Ontario Place. Appearing to be from imprecise origins and times, these small relics attest to the mysterious and magical potential held by the past and the future, and to the storytelling power of things.

Exhibited at In/Future Festival

Presented by Art Spin

Supported by The Gladstone Hotel

Photography by Nick Kozak and Alyssa Bistonath

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