Following in his Footsteps
Terry Fox Commemorative Landscape

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Following in his Footsteps is conceived as both a public artwork and living path, a commemorative landscape along the Terry Fox Parkway of London, Ontario’s Thames River.

Designed to inspire a unique experience for each visitor, from a morning jogger to a class of fourth graders, Following in his Footsteps will be an artwork built from raw stone materials as well as vibrant living components. Creating a distinct atmosphere for visitors passing through, as well as many educational opportunities for youth, each element of the pathway acts as a visual reference to the Terry Fox story, thought-provoking not only during the annual Terry Fox Run, but throughout the year.

The artwork harkens Terry’s spiritual engagement with the Canadian landscape while he travelled across the country on foot. In addition to his battle against cancer, Terry’s Marathon of Hope represented an individual rising to the challenge of the vast Canadian landscape thrown in his path. Through his arduous journey, Terry Fox did something many Canadians have never done: he physically experienced the incredible scale of the country with each passing kilometre: westward from the Atlantic shore of St. John’s, Newfoundland, through to London, Ontario, and eventually to Thunder Bay.

with Robert Cram Workshop landscape architect for London Arts Council