Freezy Whee
Public Art Proposal

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Freezies on the beach, a summertime treat – but in the middle of winter?

Rising from the windswept winter beach landscape of eastern Toronto is ‘Freezy Whee’. Evoking the frozen childhood treats, ‘Freezy Whee’ is composed of over 600 hanging translucent coloured water suspended from a lightweight steel structure. The tubes change with variable weather temperatures: bright and vibrant colours when thawed, and soft and pastel colours when frozen.

From a distance, the playfully coloured installation entices touch and play. ‘Freezy Whee’ encourages the curious and adventurous to make their way through the field of the gently swaying suspended elements to discover the opening at the stand’s ladder. At the top, visitors are rewarded with a panoramic view of land, water, and sky. Childhood desires are satisfied with a swift descent down a slide cutting through the field of coloured stripes to the sand – or snow – below.

‘Freezy Whee’ was conceived for the Winter Stations 2016 design competition.