Shortlisted Competition Proposal

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Interplay is a piece about the freedom of movement, the possibilities of play and the collaboration of sport and community. The sculpture visually translates the experience of motion and activity into exuberant forms that help orient visitors and create a memorable identity for the Southwest Community Centre. Interplay is a celebration of the future of the neighbourhood and its enhancement of public life and community strength.

This shortlisted art work proposal was developed for a new community centre and sports facility in London, Ontario.

Interplay serves as a visual metaphor for energetic human activity. It captures our interest in the act of play and movement within the community centre itself. Inspired by the fluidity of human movement as first captured by stroboscopic photography, Interplay represents the pathways of bodies in motion — whether it be hockey players chasing each other on the ice or a pair of basketball players weaving across the court. Each line takes its own trajectory while engaging in a dance with the others around it — celebrating life at the community centre.