Just a Reflection
Toronto Design Offsite Festival

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“Each thing was infinite things, because I could clearly see it from every point in the cosmos. I saw a broken labyrinth, saw endless eyes, all very close, studying themselves in me, as though in a mirror, saw all the mirrors on the planet (and none of them reflecting me)…”   from ‘The Aleph’, Jorge Luis Borges

Using simple materials such as light bulbs and mirrors to invoke the infinite, ‘Just a Reflection’ was a site-specific installation for the Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2014 that expanded the threshold between public and private space into a responsive and reflective environment.

The glass threshold of the exhibition venue was layered upon itself, reflecting the outer and inner spaces beyond, and engaging the visitor in a broken labyrinth where actions and reactions are endlessly multiplied.

Live musical performances each evening added another layer to the piece, as musicians including Dirty Inputs and Vitaminsforyou engaged the interactive installation in a conversation of light and sound.