Perpetual Momentum Accumulator
Private Commission

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Perpetual Momentum Accumulator is an artwork for the workplace, commissioned by Norm Li for his new studios in downtown Toronto.

The kinetic lightbox features a steadily shifting series of moiré patterns within its glowing circular frame, evoking the processes of coordinated production, creative activity and precision instrumentation.

Drawing inspiration from the group’s early working hours, where colleagues often arrive before sunrise, the piece radiates a form of solar warmth that greets people as they arrive.

At the heart of the sculpture lie the luminescent moiré patterns, formed by gently rotating layers of concentric circles and creating an effect that is often seen as an unwanted by-product of digital image production. However, in expanding this visual artifact into a moving three-dimensional composition, the moiré comes to life as an augur of creative energies within a free-flowing and inventive work environment.

Images by doublespace architectural photography