Ballroom of Sounding Light
Come Up To My Room Gladstone Hotel

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Ballroom of Sounding Light centers on a pneumatic cloud of flickering light that reflects the sonic textures of the surrounding environment to create a unique sensory experience.  Following the veins of weather interpretation and forecasting, the particalized cloud speaks of natural phenomenon transported to an interior environment. The warm front of sound descending from a cold night sky seeks to evoke buried sensual memories during the dead of winter.

LeuWebb Projects was selected to mount this site-specific installation in the ballroom at the Gladstone Hotel’s annual event, Come Up To My Room from January 28-30, 2011.  The focal point of the event was the Love Design Party, attended by over 300 people.

The Ballroom of Sounding Light was remounted at the Love Design Party for the Gladstone Hotel’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

Technical support by Jeff Lee (of minisystem) and Omar Kahn
Come Up To My Room Exhibition
Love Design Party – DJ’s Denise Benson & Joe Blow

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