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Conceived as a colourful, interactive, light-filled sculpture, Solaris floats within the heights of an atrium in a new children’s health centre. Solaris evokes gliding parasols and provides playful shade from the sun, while the piece’s complementary colours recall the varied hues of a sunrise and sunset, and suggest the comforting shelter of umbrellas in a summer rain.

As it stretches from the ground floor to the roof, connecting between the levels of the health centre, the artwork helps draw connections between all members of the healthcare community, that all are working towards the same goals in their respective ways. The many hues of the piece speak to the strength in the diversity of families, caregivers, clients, teachers, communities and the self, of different abilities, different needs, all sharing similar hopes and ambitions.

The sculpture is comprised of a series of translucent, curved dish shapes, suspended from a secondary structure at the top of the atrium. The curved forms are made up of a series of petal shapes, each varying in hue and tint to make up a textured, vibrant colour. The suspended shapes can be experienced as an abstract sculpture, beautiful in its own right and evocative of days at the beach or playing in the rain.