Thermally Speaking
Nuit Blanche Toronto

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Our bodies are vessels of energy, containers of both fire and water. We’re constantly undergoing renewal and death at the cellular level as the fire of life consumes and is tempered by liquid flowing through us. “Thermally Speaking” is a translation of the radiant energy of our bodies as they move through the Fort York site, a project that employs thermography and infrared measurement instruments to uncover the fields of energy of which we’re all a part.

Realized in collaboration with Mulvey Banani Lighting as part of their broader CITYLights Toronto initiative, the project was produced for Nuit Blanche Toronto, 2019.

Audiences were invited to move through, over and around the Ramp both as observers and subjects of observation, participants in dialogue with the phenomena around them.

Thermal imaging cameras relayed and translated the heat energy of visitors into a shifting curtain of light, animating the channel glass facades of the Fort York Visitors Centre.