Waking the Shore
Bentway Waterfront ReConnect

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Waking the Shore is a public realm transformation that articulates our broader journey to a more sustainable, humane, and ecologically just future. In expressing the phenomena of the ever-changing environment around us, connecting our presence to the nearness of Lake Ontario, and celebrating the qualities of this location in the city, the project builds upon multiple layers of meanings and materials to create a new place for people.

Through the powerful sculptural forms of rising waves, water reclaims its place of primal importance, evoking the deeper histories of the site. The forces of nature are expressed musically through sound in the kinetic wind chimes and in solar-powered illumination that further animates the area.

Within the east and west medians sit two swelling waves composed of brightly painted reused tires. Suspended between the Gardiner’s south concrete bents are LED light rods and aluminum chimes that gently sway in the wind. Colour is applied throughout the site in demarcating and reasserting the presence of people, with selected areas of the bents receiving a graphic paint treatment that evokes the movement of water. The crosswalks are also painted in highly visible colours, improving the safety and accessibility for all.

Created in collaboration with DIALOG and Mulvey & Banani Lighting as a shortlisted finalist for Toronto’s Bentway Waterfront ReConnect design competition.