Workplace Affairs
Toronto Design Offsite Festival

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As part of the 2013 Toronto Design Offsite Festival, LeuWebb Projects curated and photographed the exhibition ‘Workplace Affairs’. The exhibit received a Herman Miller Jurors’ Choice Award.

‘Workplace Affairs’ is an exploration of the relationship of space to the creative process, examining the artefacts of production and documenting the workspaces that enabled their creation. Curated by LeuWebb Projects, the exhibition documents the workplaces of artists and offers up artefacts from these spaces for interpretation.

The creative process will not be denied due to a lack of proper space but it may be shaped by those physical constraints. Likewise an artist may remake their workspace in their own image. The artists participating in ‘Workplace Affairs’ demonstrate their own particular relationships to space and work, with a range of practices that cross disciplines and a variety of spaces where work gets done.

Featuring the work and workplaces of Melissa Fisher, Patrick Svilans, Joy Charbonneau, Lizz Aston, Patrick Yeung, Clayton McMaster and Jyhling Lee.

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