National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan

We’re honoured to be working with Adrian Stimson and the MBTW Group in developing a design proposal for the National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan. Team Stimson would like to express our appreciation to Veterans Affairs Canada, the Department of Canadian Heritage, the National Capital Commission and the Phase I jury for selecting our team for the shortlist for Phase II of this design competition.

We will honour and reflect upon the consultations with veterans, families and other stakeholders in our research, creative exploration and design process. The mission was and continues to be an important and complicated part of both Canada and Afghanistan’s history. Our hope is to create a monument that expresses Canada’s gratitude for the sacrifices made by Canadians who lost their lives or were injured. To examine and understand the mission, to create a place where all people can gather to learn, reflect, remember and heal.

August 25 2020